noun (french)    bi·jou    [ bee-zhoo]   
: something delicate, elegant, or highly prized



The Bijou Factory is the brainchild of Anne-Sophie Cauchy, a French native and FIT metalsmith graduate, who spent a decade mass-designing jewelry for household names before being disillusioned by the lowering quality-standards and high wastage of "fast fashion". She now seeks to educate her customers about materials and empower them to be the architect of their own special piece. 



The Bijou Factory is an innovative line of DIY jewelry kits that are uniquely curated and simple to make. 

It was founded on the belief that DIY jewelry does not have to look homespun. Our ultimate inspiration is to make a piece of jewelry that looks like it was bought in a store. 

All too often, you see a great tutorial online but you don’t have the right tools, components or even skills. We save you a trip to the bead store and hours looking for inspiration on blogs by including everything you need in a kit. Stop pinning and start making ;) 


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DIY can be fun and stress-free when you have everything you need in one box. We make it really easy for you by designing styles that don't require pliers to be assembled.

We include simple illustrated instructions and it takes between 15 and 45 mns to complete one piece of jewelry depending on your box's difficulty level. 

Make your unique piece on your desk, on a plane or by the pool...Or give the gift of making to someone.



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We use curated materials for a high-end finish: genuine semi-precious stones and leather, silk strings and brass components all make a difference in how your final piece feels when it is worn. 

Where it comes from also matters. We work exclusively with a network of domestic suppliers and small artisans around the world to ensure quality and sustainability.

And all of our kits are designed and assembled in Venice, CA. 

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